Thursday, June 2, 2011

How do u change flush a heater core?

In a 1999 ford Taurus, 3.0 L engine, not the doh engine, just the regular 3.0 engine, the coolent does have a brownish tint to it. I've had radiator flushes every single year, but i still have no heat. i heard that flushing the heater core is different, so I'd like to know, step by step in how to do this correctly. My thermostat was changed yesterday, I've touched the pipes in the firewall(was told these are the heater core hoses) and one was warm(luke) and the other was warmer(more than luke), but i still have no heat, my heat blows like luke warm to cold, and it takes a long time to get up there. Help please!How do u change flush a heater core?When you flush the system it runs through the heater core if it isn't heating up correctly try putting a thermostat in that runs a little hotter. I had to do this with a vehicle I owned as it wouldn't blow out hot air it was luke warmHow do u change flush a heater core?You can buy a kit from Canadian tire or Auto Zone for about $7.00 and all you do is hook a garden hose on it start the car then turn on the water. Also you should add a winter thermastat. This will allow the antifreeze to warm up more before it gets cooled off in the rad. If this still doesn't work then put a piece of cardboard in front of your rad.How do u change flush a heater core?flush and drain cooling system.

there is a chemical called C.L.R. you can buy it in most any hardware store. buy 2 lengths of heater hose long enough to reach the heater core and come out the hood enough to get a funnel in one of them, run the other into a bucket under the car. pour the CLR into the funnel and let it run through the heater core. follow with distilled water. reconnect heater lines from motor. refill cooling system with proper mixture of antifreeze and distilled water.

this doesnt always work (about 50% of the time) but its easier and cheaper than a heater core replacement. especially in a taurus.How do u change flush a heater core?IF YOU HAD THE DONE ON A REGULAR BASIS THEN THE HEATER CORE WOULD HAVE BEEN FLUSHED OUT AT THE SAME TIME.

IF YOU WANT TO TRY IT YOURSELF JUST REMOVE BOTH HEATER LINES FROM THE HEATER CORE AND FLUSH IT OUT WITH YOUR GARDEN HOSE.How do u change flush a heater core?you have a valve that control the flow for the heater core,some are controlled by a vacuum or cable when you select heater or the temperature, check the vacuum system for leaks,.because when the controls are working fine the water in the heater core should flow freely heating up the core.I hope this help.

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